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Experience the Timeless Charm of Hardwood Flooring in Atlanta, ga


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Hardwood flooring installation is the process of laying and securing wooden planks to create a floor surface. It involves preparing the base, arranging the hardwood planks, and then fixing them in place using techniques like nailing or gluing. The final steps often include sealing or staining the wood for protection and aesthetics. This service provides a durable and attractive flooring option that adds value to any property.


The Journey to Your Dream Floor Starts Here

Imagine stepping into a room that radiates warmth, elegance, and a rich history. That's the experience hardwood floors offer. At Wally Floors, we begin your journey with a personal consultation, understanding every nuance of your vision and the unique character of your space. Our expert team in Atlanta, skilled in the art of hardwood flooring, guides you through every step.

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why choose hardwood flooring?

Hardwood floors offer a natural, enduring elegance that complements any decor style.

Built to last, hardwood floors can withstand the test of time and the hustle of Atlanta life.

Say goodbye to tedious cleaning. Hardwood floors are remarkably easy to maintain, offering a hassle-free solution for busy lives.

Enhance the value of your home with floors that become more charming with age.

Bringing Atlanta's Essence into Your Home

Each plank we lay is not just wood; it's a piece of Atlanta's spirit. We understand the climate, the culture, and the community, ensuring that your hardwood floors are not just a feature, but a fundamental part of your home's story.

Our Process

Get in Touch. Reach out to us either by calling or filling out our online contact form. Our friendly team will get in touch with you. We'll schedule a convenient time for an in-home consultation, setting the stage for your project's success.


Home Consultation.  During the in-home consultation, we get into the specifics of your project. Our goal is to understand your vision, preferences, and the unique aspects of your space. We'll assess the area, discuss material options, and answer any questions you might have. 


Accept Proposal & Set Project Start Date. We'll schedule your project, taking care of all the logistics, from ordering materials to planning the workflow. Our skilled team ensures a smooth and efficient installation process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Upon completion, we'll walk you through the finished work, ensuring every detail meets your expectations. 


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Embrace the legacy of craftsmanship and the warmth of family with Wally Floors – where every floor is a chapter in your home's story.

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