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In the heart of Atlanta, a passion for precision and a flair for finesse gave birth to Wally Floors. Founded by Wallisson, a craftsman with a dream to turn every house into a home, our journey began. Over a decade, our hands have crafted not just floors but the foundations upon which countless Atlanta families build their lives.

Where Atlanta steps into quality & Comfort

Discover the art of exceptional flooring with Wally Floors - Your cornerstone for timeless hardwood flooring in Atlanta.

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At Wally Floors, we pledge to deliver unparalleled quality. Our selection of premium-grade hardwood, meticulous design, and installation processes ensure your Atlanta flooring is nothing short of perfection.

Quality & Craftsmanship

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We understand that each family is unique, and so should be their flooring. With a personalized approach, we ensure your flooring reflects the character and lifestyle of your loved ones, contributing to your home's story.

A Floor For Every Family

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Sustainable flooring solutions are at the core of what we do. We're dedicated to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that your Atlanta home's beauty contributes to a greener, healthier planet.

Environmental Commitment

Our Atlanta Roots

Anchored in the vibrant city of Atlanta, we’ve grown from a modest family operation into a beacon of community and craftsmanship. Every plank we lay is steeped in the warmth of our Georgian legacy, echoing our commitment to the homes and hearts of this city.




Our reputation as a leading Atlanta flooring company is build on a foundation of trust and satisfaction. Our customer-first policy, is a testament to our unwavering dedication.


We don't just sell floors; we forge partnerships. Join hands with us and experience a collaborative flooring journey tailored just for you and your home. 

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